Corporate and M&A

 Do you already have a business or are you considering starting one?

Whether you are representing a smaller or medium-sized business, Samar Law can assist with all corporate and transactional tasks.

Samar Law can e.g. assist with the following tasks:

  • Establishment of a company and advice on choice of company form.
  • Preparation of Shareholders’ Agreement.
  • Amendments to the company’s Articles of Association.
  • Strategic alliances and joint ventures.
  • Corporate restructuring.

In addition, Samar Law also has specific experience in assisting with Mergers & Acquisitions. Samar Law can assist with:

  • Project management.
  • Preparation and negotiation of the initial transaction documents such as the Term Sheet/Letter of Intent and Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • Possible preparation of request list and a due diligence of the company.
  • Preparation of transaction documents (Share Purchase Agreement or Asset Purchase Agreement) and negotiations hereof.
  • Closing.
  • Possible preparation of Shareholders’ Agreement.