Terms and Conditions

Our Services and Conflicts of Interest

Samar Law’s advice is solely based on Danish law. Clients can thus only apply the advice provided by Samar Law to cases that are subject to Danish law.

Samar Law conducts conflict checks in accordance with the rules set out by the Danish Bar and Law Society. Prior to taking in a new case, Samar Law clarifies whether a conflicts of interest exists.

In the event of a conflict of interest during a case, Samar Law will withdraw the case.

Anti Money Laundering Policy

As a registered law firm under the laws of Denmark, Samar Law is subject to the Anti Money Laundering Act (hvidvaskloven). Accordingly, Samar Law is obliged to, among other things, to obtain and store identity information in accordance with with the rules in the Anti Money Laundering Act. Client’s submission of identity information, etc., is considered as consent for Samar Law to pass these on to financial institutions, etc. for the purpose of fulfilling the duties arising from the Anti Money Laundering Act.

Fees and invoicing

Samar Law’s fees are determined on the basis of a number of parameters in accordance with the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society’s, including time spent, the outcome of the case, its size and complexity, the degree of specialist knowledge, the urgency of the case, etc. Our fees are exclusive of relevant costs and expenses.

To consumers and at the request of our other clients, we always provide an estimate of our expected fees and what our work will consist of before commencement of a case. If it turns out that our fees will exceed our estimate our estimate, we will immediately inform the client accordingly and state a reason.

In general, we invoice when the case is closed or at appropriate intervals, e.g. after the conclusion of a process during a major case. The payment terms are as stated in the invoice 14 days from the invoice date and VAT is added according to the applicable rules.


The client is billed separately for expenses and relevant costs associated with the execution of a case.


Samar Law is responsible for the advice provided in accordance with the general rules of Danish law. Samar Law has taken out a professional indemnity insurance through a recognized insurance company.

However, our responsibility is limited to 10 times the fee for the task in question and can not never exceed DKK 2,5 million. We can only be held liable for direct losses and there not indirect losses such as operating losses, lost profits, goodwill or other types of indirect losses.

Choice of Law and Venue

Any dispute between a client and Samar Law is governed by Danish law. If a dispute between a client and Samar Law cannot be resolved by verbal negotiation, said dispute must be resolved by the competent Danish court.